Plaber started up in 2006 with the production of highly protective resin cases under the HPRC® brand | High performance resin cases. Driven by our long track record and a firm and deep resolve to meet all needs for safe transport and become a benchmark company in the sector, we are always seeking to develop cutting-edge solutions that never compromise on impeccable design. We create transport solutions that are the most flexible on the market and fully customizable according to our customers’ requirements.

The range of HPRC cases now accompanies the ConeCarts® brand of carts. The choice of the name “ConeCarts®” draws on our attachment to the land and to the mountains around our headquarters located in Bassano del Grappa (Veneto, Italy). The name heralds our quintessentially Italian background which comes across in every aspect of what we do: from design to production and customer service.

The ConeCarts® high-performance multi-purpose carts, designed and produced entirely in Italy, come with a 10-year warranty. They are no ordinary carts. They are also handling, protection and storage solutions of elegant and distinctive design, where attention to detail, functionality and maximum reliability are paramount.

The ConeCarts® brand of carts is designed down to the last detail and embodies the great Italian tradition of mechanics. The ease and intuitiveness of assembly on the one hand, and the very high performance on the other, are proof of this. But that’s not all. The ConeCarts® range of carts was created to cover all needs for indoor and outdoor use. And for any sector, industrial or otherwise.

Plaber has also developed a unique style that can be customized according to your needs.

Then there is the packaging. From the moment you receive your cart you will be pleasantly impressed by the simple yet smart packaging. It is designed to minimize any waste and facilitate stacking in case of need, and is of course entirely recyclable.